Is Your Marketing Congruent?

A key part of online marketing is improving your congruency. It’s a clever word, but a simple idea; make everything look and feel the same. Your visitors will feel confused and overwhelmed if you don’t make them feel comfortable. Comfort comes from familiarity. Focus on familiarity in these areas throughout your adverts, videos, landing pages, […]

Cash Wars – The First Money I Made Online

While at college, around 1999 to 2002, I spent a lot of time playing with this new Internet thing. I was mainly interested in games. Buying up domains, building websites and contributing to the web would come later. One of the games our class got obsessed with was Cash Wars ( – no longer active). […]

When is your app ready?

This old mantra still does the rounds: Release early, release often! This doesn’t give you the full picture. When I first started out creating my own apps and product, I was scared. Scared that something would break, data would be lost and my reputation would be ruined. My first software job was in a company […]

Finding Your True Goals

Setting goals is easy, but quite often we don’t achieve them. The most important step in goal setting is finding out what we really want. This is how to find your true goals.

Success is a Garden

Last Updated: 5th September 2021 Success is not a place you reach and rest in. Success is a garden. It needs regular watering, pruning, shaping and innovating. Sometimes that money tree, which has served us well for years, reaches the end of its life. Pull it out, break it down and use it to fertilise […]

Overestimating What Can Be Done in a Day

Last Updated: 4th September 2021 Every evening I make a todo list of what I want to achieve the next day. It’s called “Today”. It includes my work, my personal life, fitness, reading and other bits. For as long as I can remember I have never completed the entire list. Every single evening I postponed […]

What is a Thin Affiliate Site?

In their ever continuing efforts to fight spam, Google coined the phrase thin affiliate to describe a site offering only affiliate links and no value to a user. Being labeled a thin affiliate site will mean very little to no traffic from Google, but what criteria does Google use to filter out these sites, how do they do it and how can you prevent this happening to you?

Extracting Data from the Google Analytics Cookies

What is contained in the Google Analytics Cookies and how could you use them? In this article we take an in depth look at the data, how to extract it, how to record it and possible uses for your website.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

About 7 or 8 months ago I twisted my knee quite badly on the football pitch and eventually I was diagnosed with a torn ACL in my left knee. This meant I had no problem with day to day walking, going up and down stairs, driving etc. but football, snowboarding, wakeboarding and any other sport […]